Train Show Schedule 2013


GP9s & FP7s

Schedule updated June 6, 2013


2013 NASG Convention
August 7-10, 2013
Steamtown, Scranton, Pennsylvania


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Additional Upcoming S Model Railroading Events


Chessie 5091


June 22-30, 2013
2013 TCA National Convention, St. Louis, MO


July 14-20, 2013
2013 NMRA National Convention & National Train Show, Atlanta, GA


About Michigan Models

Michigan Models Business Plan


    Michigan Models started selling S scale trains through a consignment arrangement with a local hobby shop in 1988. That was terminated when the hobby shop relocated, but I made the decision at that time to try to sell the stock, at that time just a few American Models cars& locomotives, at local train shows. Buying from American Models, S-Helper Service, and several other manufacturers, and selling at train shows has remained the business plan ever since.


    Michigan Models is not interested in getting into the mail order business. Several dealers specializing in S already do that. Doing business as Michigan Models, I sell S scale model railroad products. This means locomotives, cars, track, etc of 1/64 scale (3/16th inch per foot). This is the same size as the old American Flyer (AF) toy trains made 1946 - 1966. However, I do not deal in American Flyer, new or used.


    Today‚Äôs S scale trains are equally suitable for excellent scale model railroads, comparable to the finest in HO, or as fun toy trains to be run along with the old American Flyer trains. 95% of what I sell can be switched between the "scale model" and "toy train" modes simply by changing the wheels and couplers.


    While I cannot stock every item made by every S manufacturer in every paint-scheme, I attempt to have a reasonable supply of freight and passenger cars, locomotives, cabooses, track to supplement any existing S gauge layout or collection, or even to get a person a good start on an S scale model railroad from scratch. Here are most of the manufacturers that I act as a retailer for, along with their web-site addresses so you can see the full range of their products.

Tom Hawley d.b.a. Michigan Models
2311 Strathmore Rd., Lansing, MI 48910-2885
Phone  517 482-2048