Products Carried by Michigan Models
    Below is a list of S Scale, standard gauge equipment available from Michigan Models . It may not be complete when you read it, because new products are released frequently.  We will not take the space to describe each product in detail. Please check with the manufactures’ web sites and other literature.

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American Modes
SHS Logo
  Des Plains
American Models R-T-R
S Helper Service R-T-R
Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
EMD 40 ft. Box   EMD 40 ft. Box Car   50 ft.FMC Box Car
E-8A 40 ft Insul. Box   SW-9/1200 40 ft. Stock Car   52 ft. Evans Box Car
FP-7 A 50 ft. Railbox   F-3 A & B 40 ft. Refers   50 ft. PS Boxcars
F-7B 52 ft. Gondola   F-7 A & B 40 ft. BillBoard Refers   PFE Refers
GP-9/18 Hopper, 2 Bay Open     Hopper, 2 Bay Open   Hopper, 3 Bay Open
GP-35 Hopper, 3 Bay Open   Steam Locomotives Hopper, 2 Bay Covered   Tank Cars, old style
SD-60 Hopper, 4 Bay Open   2-8-0, B&O Hopper, 3 Bay Covered   40 ft. Gondolas
ALCo Hopper, 3 Bay Covered   2-8-0, Various Roads Flat Cars   48 ft Container Car
RS-3 Hopper, 3 Bay Covered     Trailer on Flatcar    
FA-2 A & B Hopper, 4 Bay Covered   Cabooses      
PA-1 & PB-1 Tank Cars, Modern   Extended Vision RTR Track Supplies    
Baldwin Flat cars          
S-12 Thrall Spine Car  
Pacific Rail Shops  Kits
Smoky Mountain
Fairbanks Morse Cabooses        
Model Works
Train Master Traditional, wood   40 ft. Box SD ACF Cvd.Hopper  3 Bay    
Steam Locomotives Bay Window, steel   40 ft. Box DD 40 ft. Steel Refers   Locomotive Kits
Pacific, Various Roads Passenger Cars   50 ft. Box SD 50 ft. Box DD   Freight Car Kits
NYC Hudson Clerestory/Pullman          
  Streamlined Cars  
Tomalco Track
Electric Locomotive AmTraK Streamliners   Turnouts Crossings    
PRR GG1 Budd Stainless Steel   Flex Track Roadbed    
  RTR Track Supplies   Code 100, 83 & 70 NS & Weathered    
Pacific Rail Shops
  Tomalco Track  
Smoky Mountain

Manufacturers Websites
American Models of South Lyon, Michigan -
S helper Service of New Jersey -
Tomalco Track (Scale track) -
Smoky Mountain Model Works -
S Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies) -

Ready to Run Equipment
    The products we sell are primarily ready to run, and produced by the leading manufacturers in S Scale

S Scale Kits
    Some of our kit manufacturers are listed, but there are many more products available for those inclined to assemble kits. The kits run from fairly simple to very complex and time consuming.
    Other sources of rolling stock that we don’t get into here are brass and "tinplate". Brass cars & locomotives are usually of excellent quality, are produced in limited quantities, and are very expensive. "Tinplate" S Gauge equipment produced by American Flyer and Lionel, and occasionally O-27 cars and locomotives can be a starting point for nice S-scale equipment.

S Scale Track Supplies
    The subject of track will be covered in a separate write-up. Suffice it to say here that accurate scale track-work is available, it does not have to be hand-laid.